4 Car Etiquette Facts That Everyone Should Know

4 Car Etiquette Facts That Everyone Should Know

If you think that owning a car means that you can drive it anyway as long as you have a driving license, you are probably one of those millions of Americans who don't know that there's a specific car driving etiquette. Never heard of it? You are always on time to learn car driving etiquette rules and become a better person from today!

Are You A Perfect Car Driver Or Passenger?

One of the reasons why you may run out of ideas about the car driving etiquette depends on the fact that most driving school instructors don't teach the way car drivers and car passengers should behave when on the road, as they are more focused on teaching traffic rules and the highway code.

However, traffic rules and driving knowledge are essential to every new car driver, but it's not enough to be a perfect car driver. You have to learn how you must behave when traveling by car, it's important for yourself and the other car drivers, as well. Consider that certain car insurers won't cover costs for car damages that you caused because of your bad attitude or distraction, for example, lost car keys. You will have to pay from your pocket for that as your car insurance can't be responsible for your lack of good manners and common sense. In the case of car key emergencies, you can count on these convenient locksmith rates. Similarly, car passengers shouldn't distract the car driver's attention with bad posture or otherwise.

Learn How To Be An Excellent Car Driver From Today!

So, it's important to learn the basic etiquette rules to become a better car driver from today. Either your car, your passengers and your pocket will thank you for that.

  1. Posture for passengersfeet on dashboard
    Passengers shouldn't put their feet on the dashboard as this behavior can seriously prevent the car driver from having a perfect line of sight on the road.
    Passengers should also avoid touching the climate controls as it can distract the car driver's attention. If it's the case, they can ask the car driver to adjust the controls as soon as he/she can.

  2. Food and drinks
    Millions of car drivers and passengers usually eat and drink in the car. We all know that sitting in a traffic jam is boring, but eating and drinking can cause distraction. Also, the car drivers' hands have to be free from objects while driving.

  3. Fog lampsfog lamps
    If there's any fog, you don't have to use your fog lamps as its light can be distracting to other drivers. If you are on a truck or tall car, your fog lamps lights might shine directly into the back window of lower cars. So, use fog lights only when it's foggy.

  4. Turn signal
    What about car drivers who forget to use their turn indicators? Maybe it's because they are in a hurry. The bottom line is that turn signals help avoid car collisions and even fatal accidents with pedestrians. Keep in mind that turning your turn signal on saves your life and the life of the people around you.

Being a better car driver is easy indeed, all you have to do is to respect all the traffic rules and driving etiquette rules.


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