Discover The 5 Basic Etiquette Facts That Will Save Your First Date

Discover The 5 Basic Etiquette Facts That Will Save Your First Date

At some point in life, you may need to learn the basics etiquette to show off in the best light, especially if you have to go to a first date. When you have to meet someone in your private life, for professional purposes or for any other reason, your first concern is actually focused on how you can look good and make a great impression since the first moment. A Few Seconds To Judge Someone

Much of the results that you can get from your date relies on the way you actually show yourself to the other person. It's been seen by psychologists that the human brain takes no longer than 60 seconds to come up with an impression about a person – that's a very short time, indeed, and that's why you have to take care of every small detail in order to give the other person a positive impact.

Let's explain this concept through a simple situation – you have to call a locksmith for a home lockout emergency (or for a lost car key or any other emergency that you are experiencing). The first thing that you do is to call, let's say, a popular locksmith company like On Time Locksmiths. Well, your brain will provide you with a first impression about the locksmith after only 60 seconds from meeting him. Your first impression will be mainly based on the way the locksmith is dressed, the way he walks, the tools that he carries and so on.

Of course, a locksmith who is dressed in appropriate professional clothing and who has a set of tools will be judged in a positive way by your brain and you will immediately feel relieved!

Ever-Effective Tips To Look Good

Now that you can see the importance of the first impression when you first meet someone, let's get back to the "first date" matter. Your goal is to look good, you want the other person to think that you're nice, interesting and attractive all at once.

Our tips below provide you a quick and easy guide to make people love the way you are and, definitely, who you are:first date

  1. Feel natural
    Imagine that you are with someone who looks nervous or anxious… that's horrible! So, our first tip for you is to look as natural as you can. Be yourself and, most important, never fear to show off your personality, no matter how it is. Convince yourself that the way you are is good, be yourself and be self-confident in yourself. Express this through your body language: the posture, the way you shake the hand, the way you move your shoulders, neck, arms while talking.

  2. Be on time
    You will certainly please the other person if you reach the date's place on time. In fact, if you are late the other person will feel like you have no respect at all!

  3. Conversation
    Keep in mind that the best way to deal with people is to talk to them. Find interesting subjects to use as your conversational main points and make sure that those points are enough interesting for the other person, too. Ask questions and personal opinions and show interest in what the other person tells you.

  4. Never use your cell phone
    Make sure that your cell phone won't disturb your conversation. If it rings, the other person might easily consider that as a lack of respect as you will have to break the conversation to answer the call or to view a message. Another thing: many people tend to keep their phones in their hands when they feel nervous (it's a way to release tension). If you feel a little nervous avoid to touch, shake or play objects all the time!

  5. Avoid telling too much
    If it's a first date, you shouldn't feel like telling too much about yourself or your job (depending on if it's a private date or for work purposes). Don't bring too many things of your life up, otherwise, you will overwhelm the other person with useless information. Unless you are clearly asked about personal information, be reasonably casual and save important or personal facts for the next time.

A precious etiquette tip that you have to keep in mind is that it's always good to make eye contact during your conversation. It's a way to show human touch to the other person and to appreciate his/her presence on the date.

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