Life Skills All Young Adults Should Know

Life Skills All Young Adults Should Know

As a young adult, you are most likely struggling with quite a few obstacles and stressful factors that are keeping you from becoming fully and truly independent. Maybe you still talk to your parents and ask for guidance when it comes to your monthly budget or you do not know how to do some very basic home maintenance on your own.

In other words, you are lacking a few basic life skills that would require some hands-on practice. Feel free to get in touch with me and find out how to start embracing your adulthood and embrace everything from healthy nutrition to your short- or long-term life or career goals.

Today I am going to reveal to you a few of the most common questions that are being addressed to me by young adults starting their real-life journey and looking for guidance.

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How To Make Small Talk – Wherever You May Be

While this might sound like a no-brainer to you, some people are clueless when it comes to making small talk or finding the right topics for it. Let's assume your front door lock is broken and your key has gotten stuck in it. You need to call an emergency locksmith and have the problem fixed. The get locksmith company is an excellent solution for 24/7 lockout emergencies, so make sure you give them a try next time you need to fix a lock, get a duplicate key made on the spot or install a complicated type of lock on one of your entryways. Since you will need to be home when the hired locksmith reaches your place, you will also need to think about some conversation topics for the small talk that usually characterizes these jobs and the tradesmen behind them. Starting a conversation about the weather or the latest basketball or baseball game is always a good idea. People would oftentimes like to talk about something other than their day to day job. You could also ask them if they have any pets or if they have any favorite TV series to recommend to you.

How To Do Some Basic Repairs Inside Your Home

No matter if you live in a rental apartment you share with someone else or in a full-service apartment building, you will need to learn how to handle a few basic repairs on your own. There is nothing worse than dealing with a clogged sink in the bathroom or a dirty, sticky floor that hasn't been mopped in a while – and have no idea what to do to fix things. With so many online tutorials and tips and guides on how to do pretty much any chore under the sun, you have no excuse to start learning the basics starting today.

Learn how to use a Philips head screwdriver or how to reset a router on your own, but do keep in mind there are certain tasks that are better off left to the pros. For example, while you can learn how to fix or replace a simple lock on a cabinet door inside your kitchen, it is wiser to hire an authorized locksmith to have your front door lock re-keyed or a new alarm system installed. Home security is a burning topic that will require your full attention and that should be revised periodically for your protection.

How To Cook A Delicious Meal

There is no telling when you should be ready to cook a fantastic meal out of the blue for some guests who just decided to pop up uninvited. Learn how to whip up a Caesar salad on the spot or how to cool a veggie dish for your vegetarian friends who do not eat meat. Try out a few different spaghetti recipes and decide which one you enjoy the most. Learn how to cook it from scratch and always have all the necessary ingredients for it in your cupboards and pantry so you can cook it on the spot when needed. Plus, a piece of delicious pot luck will always impress your family, loved ones and a potential date. Another crowdpleaser is a nice cheeseboard or a chocolate cake for guests with a sweet tooth.

How To Express Your Condolences

A condolence note written by hand is always a better idea than an email or a text message. As a young adult, you should get accustomed to writing such notes on a piece of stationary or a greeting card and hand it to someone you know who has lost a loved one. It's a simple, heartfelt gesture that will be highly valued by your friends.

I hope these tips will help you get more comfortable in your new adulthood and you are able to interact with ease with people in your life and enrich them.

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