Manners Matter: Here Is Why

Manners Matter: Here Is Why

Have you ever wondered why people have manners? It’s not exactly an earth-shattering revelation, all things considered. We, as people, prefer to get along with each other – it just makes things easier for everyone. Why argue with someone or wonder too much about what to say to a stranger, when a simple “hello” would do.

And so, manners have come to be. Manners are the oil that greases the cogwheels of social interaction and makes things easy for everyone. But the question is how many different type of manners there are and are they equally important.

Let’s have a look at this right now.

Phone Manners Or Why You Don’t Shout at Customer Support

Let’s start simple. You wake up one morning and your Internet is gone. It’s definitely not the best thing to experience and you are probably miffed. Let’s say it’s Sunday, people don’t work on Sunday and you will probably want to get things fixed quickly.

You can’t help but wonder – is that even possible? It’s Sunday after all. Well, as you pick the phone you probably realize that you are going to be a bit miffed at the other person and you probably don’t want to be, but you can’t equally be too happy about the missing Internet either.

And then the customer care agent picks the phone and welcomes you with a pleasant “hello” and a great voice. This is where manners come in play, even when they are over the phone. You were picking up the phone to have a spat with a stranger, but a simple greeting changed your mind.

Body Language: Can You Read It?

Body language is just as important when it comes to manners and communication. Of course, some people hate it because they are being defined in relation to their body language, which is never a good thing.

For instance, people on the defensive are said to always cross their arms, and someone who is overly fond of reading body language could get mislead or define a person based on arbitrary signs. This is never a good thing and it will certainly bring disruption in a conversation.

However, you can change and do quite a bit by actually trying to get cues from another person’s body language. Indeed, some people tend to be more defensive, which is never a bad thing. It’s at this point that you should try to be less assertive in a conversation, for example.

So, you can always help ease a conversation along if you take some some effort to. Yes, body language is quite important and it has all to do with manners, because it is by reading these social cues that you can avoid a disaster in your conversation with others or/and establish a middle ground which will yield results.

The Work Etiquette

This is a touchy topic these days. Human Resources are often busy with employee requests which come from employees who get easily offended or find certain things not to their liking. While it’s great to communicate such issues, it’s always important not to overdo it.

A co-worker may want to be moved because she or he might think that the person next to them is showing an unnecessary amount of attention in them while none of this is true. With this in mind, there should be some common guidelines.

Companies these days are often crossing the lines of what can be tolerated, in the sense that certain things don’t really merit a stern response, and yet we get companies responding very differently to such requests. All human resource complaints are taken seriously, because companies mostly operate in parts of the world where accusations are taken very seriously, even if they are baseless.

Just think about what Kevin Spacey, the famed actor, had to go through, because his accuser was “confused”. So, manners do matter but there should also be a very basic understanding that manners cannot be blamed or used as an excuse for certain behavior.

People should also understand that it is important to grow a thicker skin. A pharmacy company which has a proven working product, such as, would never stand for its reputation being damaged.

But then again this company would never inflate a simple in-house issue and give it unhealthy dimensions. This is why etiquette matters and you should always do your best to keep it. Then again, do not ever misunderstand things or assume things, because this is a proven formula for disaster.


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