Modern-Day Dating Etiquette – All You Have To Do And To Avoid

Modern-Day Dating Etiquette – All You Have To Do And To Avoid

The development of modern technologies has somehow destroyed the poetry of dating. That old-fashioned poetry made of a long time to wait before to get a reply (due to the land-based mail service), made of bunches of roses and of elegant and seducing attitudes.

Technology Is Killing Human Relationships

The modern-day looks much less connected to such a delicate and charming dimension as to social relationships. We tend to process dating as we would process a digital file at the computer. We tend to send very short messages via phone or via the web without to spend too many words. We tend to be practical and too direct even when we should keep distances in between.

The truth is that only rare people know the etiquette of dating while all the others consider dating from the “point of view of technology” not different than for any other technology-based thing. But the fact is that dating someone is not a technology-based action at all! It’s a matter of social relations and human feelings.

Dos And Don’ts To Learn

In particular, there are certain things that you’d better avoid to do when dating someone, especially if it’s the first time dating that person, and at the same time there are other things that you’d better do. Consider that the other person will receive a sort of “social impact” from every single move, word and way to talk, walk and look of you.

Let’s have a closer look into the things you have and don’t have to do when dating a girl/woman for the first time:

  1. Don’t: Avoid high five, fist bump and any other gesture that you normally do with your male friends and colleagues. It’s really not nice and it puts you in the wrong corner.
    Do: If you want to let the girl know that you enjoyed the evening with her, just tell her with few words “I loved to spend time with you” It’s a very kind, polite and mature way to express your thoughts. The girl will show you that she appreciates being with you, too!

  2. Don’t: Avoid text messages to invite a girl to go out with you. Keep in mind that text messages are the coldest and less emotional way to communicate with people, especially if you are interested or attracted to someone. Moreover, many people tend to use broken words and phrases when texting (for example, “2” instead of “to”), which is everything but mature and kind.
    Do: Make a phone call and tell her that you would like to invite her again or for the first time out.

  3. Don’t: When at a restaurant or wherever you are going for a meal, avoid drinking alcohol. If you drink a little too much, you might begin to say nonsense or to say things that she won’t take seriously at all.
    Do: If you really want to drink some alcohol, make sure not to exceed one glass of red wine. Red wine is way sexier than whiskey, it will make you look like an amateur of the genre and not a backstreet alcohol addicted a girl

  4. Don’t: When it comes to human feelings, many people make the mistake to express them over the web or again through a text message. Feelings are an important and deep component of our existence: don’t trust technologies to communicate how you feel with a person.
    Do: It’s important that both of you have the ability to look at each other while expressing feelings, most of all if it’s about strong feelings like love. From a person’s eyesight, you can understand something more that words can’t express in full (for example, you can understand if someone is telling you a lie).

  5. Don’t: If you really want to write a girl, make sure to do that only after several dates, that is when your relationship has already begun to exist. Keep in mind that you can’t expect her to reply to you in real time (if it happens, that’s pure luck!). An unreturned message doesn’t mean that she refuses you anyway.
    Do: If she doesn’t reply to you in a week, catch the opportunity to personally meet her. Be kind and polite and ask if she read your message (probably, she didn’t read it because it ended up in the “spam” folder of her inbox).

Being polite and knowing your way around people is a major life skill to have. It can help with finding love and it can help you get good results with your business ventures. For example, the team of residential locksmith professionals at 247 Asap Locksmith is required to know basic social etiquette to deal with their customers. This is crucial to their success as a leading locksmith company and this is something that is in the DNA of the company.


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